Shield Your Business: Introducing TSOC for 24/7 Cybersecurity


Introducing TSOC: Revolutionizing Small Business Cybersecurity

Teal Stratus is thrilled to unveil our new service, the Teal Stratus Cybersecurity Operations Center (TSOC). Specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges small businesses face, TSOC provides robust, round-the-clock SMB cybersecurity monitoring, expertly tailored for businesses ranging from 1 to 300 employees.

Understanding SMB Cybersecurity

Today’s digital environment exposes small businesses to increasing cyber threats, including phishing and ransomware. Consequently, TSOC directly combats these risks by harnessing Microsoft Defender and other sophisticated tools, thereby ensuring comprehensive protection against these dynamic threats. Moreover, we aim to equip smaller enterprises with elite cybersecurity defenses, previously available only to large corporations.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process minimizes disruption to your operations. As soon as you join us, our team conducts a detailed smb cybersecurity assessment to pinpoint your specific needs and vulnerabilities. This assessment lays the groundwork for a customized action plan, featuring targeted deployment tasks to strengthen your defenses according to industry best practices.

Efficient Deployment and Configuration

We meticulously carry out precise backend configurations on your employees’ devices, specifically focusing on essential protections like multi-factor authentication. Consequently, this setup process is non-intrusive, thereby allowing your team to maintain productivity without interruption.

Proactive Monitoring and Continuous Protection

After installing the configurations, our TSOC team thoroughly tests and synchronizes these settings across your devices to ensure every defense layer works perfectly. Continuous monitoring then commences. TSOC is not merely about protection—it actively monitors and responds to potential threats in real time. Our operations center stays vigilant 24/7, ready to swiftly tackle and mitigate any cybersecurity issues.

Choose Security, Choose TSOC

Opting for TSOC means choosing peace of mind. With Teal Stratus steering your smb cybersecurity strategy, you can concentrate on expanding your business, confident that your cyber defenses are under expert management. Secure your digital assets and safeguard your business’s future with Teal Stratus. Start with TSOC today and experience how straightforward, robust, and tailored cybersecurity can be.


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