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The Story of Teal Stratus: From Military Roots to Cloud Security Leadership

The genesis of Teal Stratus is rooted in a passion for cybersecurity and an unwavering commitment to protect our nation’s digital infrastructure.

This passion traces back to the distinguished military service of our founder, Andrew, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. As one of the key Cyberspace Operators in establishing the Department of Defense’s first-ever Cyber Protection Teams, Andrew’s imprint on the nation’s cybersecurity framework is indelible.

This dedication to defense didn’t wane when he transitioned from the military. Rather, it metamorphosed into a resolve to safeguard the government’s cloud infrastructure within Azure, one of the world’s most powerful and versatile cloud platforms.

Having worked extensively on Blue Team assessments, Andrew had a strong foundation in evaluating and bolstering defense systems and industrial control systems’ cybersecurity. This experience was instrumental in his transition to Azure. He dove headfirst into the realm of cloud security, spending over 6 years bolstering designing and deploying Azure cloud services and government migrations.

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The security focus, however, was only one aspect of his commitment. Andrew observed a glaring gap between the technical engineers and the government stakeholders. This gap, he realized, had implications for project outcomes. To overcome this communication barrier and ensure everyone was on the same page, Andrew turned to Agile methodologies, which he had successfully employed during his time with Applied Information Sciences and Microsoft.

Agile methodologies, known for promoting adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement, offered an ideal framework for streamlining communication and project management for Agile Cloud deliverables. The transformation was impressive, with the Agile approach fostering more effective collaboration between engineers and government stakeholders.

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Despite the successes, Andrew noticed that the Agile methodologies he so passionately advocated for could be better tailored to deliver complex, high-stakes cloud projects. This realization sparked an idea – to apply his Agile expertise in a more dedicated, specialized setting.

Teal Stratus was born out of this idea. Andrew’s vision was to deliver high-quality, secure infrastructure with an added emphasis on enhanced communication and agility. He set out to integrate the Agile methodology into every facet of Teal Stratus’ operations, right from designing and migrating to updating and securing cloud infrastructure.

This innovative approach, combining advanced technical expertise with effective communication, has set Teal Stratus apart from other consulting firms. At Teal Stratus, we pride ourselves on not only delivering secure and optimized Azure cloud infrastructure but also doing so on time and within budget.

Our journey so far has reinforced our belief in the Agile methodology.

We’ve seen firsthand how effective communication can transform project outcomes, ensuring smooth delivery of complex projects. This belief, along with our commitment to Azure security, continues to guide us as we strive to meet our clients’ cloud computing goals.

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The legacy of Teal Stratus is still being written, and we remain committed to being your trusted partner in securing and optimizing your Azure cloud infrastructure. We are excited to work with you, simplify your cloud journey, and ensure your business achieves its cloud computing objectives with ease and certainty.

With our roots in military cybersecurity and our expertise in Azure security, we at Teal Stratus are uniquely positioned to deliver professional services for secure cloud design and deployment within Azure. We are eager to bring our Agile, communicative, and innovative secure approach to your organization.

At Teal Stratus, we are not just another consulting firm. We are a team of dedicated Azure professionals with a proven track record, a unique methodology, and a commitment to your cloud security. Join us as we continue to shape the future of secure cloud infrastructure.


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At Teal Stratus, we specialize in demystifying complex cloud designs and deployments. With our Agile methodologies, we facilitate seamless communication from engineers to Chief Information Security Officers, ensuring timely and budget conscious delivery.