Family Values Culture of Respect

Teal Stratus

Nurturing a Culture of Respect, Passion, and Growth

At Teal Stratus, we are not just a team – we are a family. As a veteran-owned small business, we are anchored by family values, and we believe that these values guide our interactions, inform our decisions, and fuel our growth. Respect, passion, and growth form the cornerstones of our culture, shaping our identity and driving us forward in our mission to deliver secure, optimized Azure cloud infrastructure.

Respect: The Foundation of Our Interactions

At the heart of our culture is a profound respect for each other and our clients. We understand the vital importance of mutual respect in fostering a positive and productive work environment. For us, respect goes beyond polite interaction; it’s about acknowledging the value of everyone’s contribution and ensuring everyone feels heard and appreciated. This culture of respect permeates our work, strengthening our relations with clients and enhancing our communication, which is central to our Agile approach.

Passion: The Engine of Our Growth

We believe that passion is the lifeblood of our business. We see it as a driving force that propels us to strive, to innovate, and to overcome challenges. At Teal Stratus, we are passionate about what we do, and we encourage every team member to nurture their passion. We understand that each person’s passion is unique, and it is this diversity that enriches our team, drives our creativity, and allows us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We regard our work as more than a job – it’s a vocation, a hobby, and a shared journey that we embark on together.

Growth: The Horizon We Aim For

At Teal Stratus, we champion a growth mindset. We view every challenge as an opportunity for learning and every setback as a stepping stone towards success. We are committed to nurturing personal and professional growth among our team members. We see ourselves as a collective of learners, explorers, and innovators, constantly pushing our boundaries and expanding our horizons. As we grow as individuals, we grow as a team, and our company grows with us, better equipped to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Giving Back: Our Commitment to the Community

Beyond our commitment to deliver secure and optimized cloud infrastructure, we are deeply invested in giving back to the community. We recognize the strength of the community that supports us, and we are committed to contributing positively to this collective strength. Our team engages in public speaking, volunteers at non-profit organizations, and shares knowledge and skills with the next generation of engineers. We view these engagements not as obligations, but as opportunities to inspire, to share, and to make a difference.

In our journey at Teal Stratus, we have seen firsthand how our culture of respect,
passion, and growth fuels our success.

We remain committed to these values as we continue to evolve and strive towards our vision. As we grow, we are excited to welcome new members into our family, to nurture their passion, foster their growth, and together, shape the future of secure cloud infrastructure. At Teal Stratus, we are not just another consulting firm. We are a team, a family, united by shared values, driven by a shared passion, and committed to a shared vision of securing and optimizing Azure cloud infrastructure. We welcome you to join us in our journey, to be a part of our story, and to grow with us in this exciting landscape of cloud security.


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